N-Pro Face

Product Details

Feather touch keypad | Touch active sensor


N-Pro Face

The perfectly suitable device for large group of industries, with an astounding count of up to 10000 Face users. N Pro Face truly works up to the mark as per its features are already a winner among others. N-PRO Face comes with stunning 4.3” Touch Screen LCD Display from which you can operate easily all features, vertical shape looks more attractive. N-PRO Face device comes with quick face detecting feature also has strong finger print sensor additionally we can use RFID Card and Password in this device. N-PRO Face device comes with powerful sensor taking multiple types of finger like mehndi, colour finger, etc. with same accuracy. N-PRO Face device gives proper and class performance with fix it on around near 51” height approx. Linux based operating system deployed on high speed CPU gives an user the ultimate experience. We can set Verify Mode for security access with one is to one feature. N-PRO Face device has Time Zone feature for employees which we can create different time zone and also we can assign different zone to different employees.

When we look into Network Connectivity N-PRO Face comes with LAN, Wi-Fi and GPRS we can use with strong connectivity. RS-232 connectivity available in N-PRO Face device for printer setting. When we go for software connectivity N-PRO Face device can be use in local network as well as in public network also. Some features like Expire User, Online Enrolment, Upload and Delete Users support in N-PRO Face device. N-PRO Face device use as Access Control with Finger Print and Card reader. Also we can use Push Button (Switch), No Touch Switch and Remote Device as reader.Feature of Anti-Passback so that there is complete transparency of person present inside are legally verified. N-PRO Face device has feature to set delay timing for open door and also we can set feedback alarm for alert. N-PRO Face devices are used in Corporate Offices, Industrial Area, Construction Site, Airport, Bus station, Schools and Colleges, etc.

Face Detection

Advance Finger

RFID Card Detection

Access Control

WiFi Connectivity

LAN Connectivity

USB Connectivity

Touch Screen

Multi-Bio Time Attendance and Access Control System

Storage Capacity

Face Capacity : 10,000

Finger Capacity : 30,000

Card Capacity: 10,000

Log Capacity : 2,00,000

Password Capacity : 10,000

Max. User : 10,000

Processor : 1GHz


WiFi, TCP/IP, USB (host and slave)

Push Data : Yes


LCD : 4.3" Touch screen

Voice instruction : 16-bit Hi-Fi voice & sound indication

Language : English



FAR : 0.01%

FRR : 0.001%

Sensor type : 500 DPI

Identification Mode : Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

Access Control

Wiegand input/output : Yes

Relay : Yes

Support : RS485 Reader, Push Button

Standard Access Control Function : Time Zone, Multi-identification Duress mode, Anti-passback

Power & Environment

Operating Temperature : 0°c ~ 50°c

Power : 12V DC / 2A

Dimension : 210 x 90 x 55 mm