Product Details

Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use
resources in a computing environment.



N-X10 model provides control over the entry of users in any secured area, regulates who or what can view or use resources in a secured environment. Designed to give an eye catchy look, adding decency to your workspace. Small in size so that it consumes less space and wooden finish body gives this device an eye tempting look in terms of looks. N-X10 has a T9 Keypad with flashy keys that is mesmerising, engraved values on the keypad. This model supports upto 100 Users that seems enough for accessibility permission to some VIP members of your office. N-X10 gives user Two Verification mode Card Recognition & Password Identification so that you can select any to access your secured area. It can be integrated with EM lock, Bolt lock, Strike lock, whereas attach an Exit Switch to complete the Access Control system.

An additional feature of Wired Doorbell Control that notifies of any guest or non authorized person to the guard or receptionist to open the door remotely. Wiegand Output funtion to connect card based exit side reader is also available. N-X10 can be used for Server Rooms, offices, locker rooms any many more places where access control is required. N-X10 win you over with its Access control algorithm to allow access to only verified users

RFID Card Detection

Password Identification


Access Control

Access Control System


RFID card capacity : 100

Open door password capacity : 5 (support virtual password)

The number of open passwords : 4 digits (eg: 1234)

Programming password : 6 digits

Card reading distance : 1-5cm


Password Identification

Card Recognition

Wired Doorbell Control

Wiegand Output

Access Control, Switch Control


Access Control

Card Type : Em Card or Em Compatible Card

Programming password : 123456 (default)

Open Door Mode : Card or digital password

Lock Relay Time : Can set (00~99)S

Tamper Alarm : Open

Open Card Function : Yes

Mother Card Function : Yes

Doorbell : Wired Doorbell

Power & Environment

Operating voltage : DC 12V ±10% current 0.1A

Locking relay : DC 12V / 2A

Working temperature : 0° C ~ 45° C

Storage temperature : -20° C ~ 60

Relative humidity (Working) : 40% to 90% RH

Relative humidity (Storage) : 20% to 90% RH