IndigoFace 8
Visible Light Facial Recognition

Product Details

Perfect solution to your Multibio attendance needs


IndigoFace 8

A Better for the Best Model - Face detection, Fingerprint & RFID card forming Multi Verification model for the advancement of the User, perfect solution for Multi bio attendance needs features. This device can easily be placed on top of the table, easy to install on wall and integration with turnstile. Finely crafted a shining black body along with grey edges, this device have feather touch keypad for a mesmerizing experience.This model has feather touch keypad for convenient user interaction. Hoping for a lag free user experience, this embedded LINUX based processor powers the device for smoother than butter operations. Never lags and adequate power from within to boost up everyday process. Double the Power of Detection with -- Auto locate the face of the user without under normal as well as low light scenarios. Fingerprint Sensor made from our very own classy technology, it will leave the users star struck when it will easily sense and verify fingers with ink stain or mehndi finger.

Face Detection

Advance Finger

RFID Card Detection

Access Control

WiFi Connectivity


Visible Light Indoor Facial Recognition

Storage Capacity

Face Capacity : 10,000

Finger Capacity : 10,000

Card Capacity: 10,000

Password Capacity : 10,000

Log Capacity : 2,00,000

Max. User : 10,000

Processor : 1.2Ghz Dual-Core



OS : Linux


LCD : 5" TFT IPS Touch Screen

Resolution : 720*1280 Pixel

Camera : 2 MP Binocular Camera

Language : English



Identification Mode : Face, Finger, Card, PIN

Access Control

Wiegand : In and Out

Relay : YES

Exit Reader : Wiegand & RS485, Remote, Push Button, No Touch

Power & Environment

Working humidity : 10% - 90%RH

Operating Temperature : 0°C 50°C

Power : DC-12V/2A

Dimension : 200 x 85 x 25 mm




Device Introduction


Connection Diagram