N-BM60W Pro focus on the concept of unique features to give a gratifying experience.
Moreover the design with an edgy look makes it a head turner.
Accurate face verification that doesnt compromise in the matter of distance or light.


N-BM60W Pro

Want to get rid of Cabling? Here we made something that uses wireless tech to communicate with biometric. The answer to what is required for the most basic and affordable face based Attendance Needs. A shining and splendid look for the fewest numbers of employees. N-BM60W Pro offers unrivalled matching speed and accuracy. It gives you the freedom to use multiple modes of verification like Password + Face/fingerprint, Face/Fingerprint/Card (RFID), Card + Face/Fingerprint for better Security. N-BM60W Pro gives you 2.8’’ inch Color display for better visuality and easy access. As this device covers all Face, Fingerprint as well as RFID function we fitted a spectacular processor that provides up to the mark speed and error free calculations. N-BM60W Pro has been powered by Linux OS that makes it user friendly. In N-BM60W Pro connect desktop while using Web and Cloud Software too. You can use the powerful trio of Wi-Fi Connectivity, LAN connectivity for communication with the software and also USB connectivity. A device with 5V 1A that consumes less power. An impressive Camera that can verify users even in compromised lighting conditions. Our latest advanced Fingerprint Sensor built specially to verify ink, mehndi or any color, even rough, dry fingers too. N-BM60W Pro has a USB port for getting log, Report and employee details in USB drive that means you can get reports/data in remote locations.

Face Detection

Advance Finger

RFID Card Detection

WiFi Connectivity

LAN Connectivity

USB Connectivity

Multi-Bio Time & Attendance System

Storage Capacity

Face Capacity : 1200

Finger Capacity : 5000

Card Capacity: 1200

Max. User : 1200

Log Capacity : 1,50,000


Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, USB Host

Push Data : Yes


Display : 2.8'’ IPS LCD color screen

LED Indicator : Green/Red

LED for day night vision : Array LED

Voice instruction : 16-bit Hi-Fi voice and sound indication

Language : English



FAR : 0.01%

FRR : 0.001%

Sensor type : 500 DPI

OS : Linux

Verification Time : <1second

Identification Mode : Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

Power & Environment

Operating Temperature : 0°c ~ 50°c

Power : 5V 1Amps (BIS standard)

Dimension (L*H*W) : 160 x 140 x 65 mm




Device Introduction


Connection Diagram